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Server Administration Rules (Rcon) Empty Server Administration Rules (Rcon)

Post  nisjet on 16/2/2009, 14:55

1.1. Suspected Cheaters
If you suspect a player of cheating, or you hear accuses of other players in the server saying a certain player cheats, you spectate this player for at least 5 to 10 minutes. If you find multiple suspicious behavioural aspects in his playing, you contact a second server administrator or experienced EvO COD4 player and ask him to spectate together with you for an additional 5 to 10 minutes or longer, while being in contact with eachother trough TeamSpeak. If both admins agree the player cheats, he receives an immediate ban. The other players in the server will be notified of the ban of this player by a console message. When either of the admins is done playing on the server, he creates a topic in the Report Cheaters section with (COD4) as title and posts optionally made records if the banning concerns a player that is known to the server (plays on the server often, or has an account on

1.2. Known Cheaters
Cheaters that have been blacklisted or are known to be a cheater but changed their serial, can be re-banned immediately without new proof or verification by another admin.

1.3. Accusations by other players on the COD4 server
When you hear multiple accusations of a non-EvO member on the COD4 server, that are not meant as jokes, you shall treat this player like a suspected cheater (see point 1.1). Making jokes about cheaters, even if EvO members do this amongst eachother, is not funny, and you, as a server admin, can tell others to not make jokes about cheating. If they don't listen or make a joke about you saying they shouldn't make jokes about cheating, please contact McNisjet.

1.4. Bad Calls
An admin that bans a verified non-cheating player of our server out of personal irritation or based on only one or a few suspicious kills and without consulting a second admin that also has no personal issues with this certain player, shall receive one warning. An admin that makes a bad call on the server again, looses his RCON usage rights. This rule is implemented to assure admins are most carefull with every single ban and to assure the amount of people banned innocently is as few as possible.

1.5. Evolution Members
Because anyone can become EvO trough a simple process of getting friends in the forums, there is no selection of cheating before someone becomes EvO and therefor it is not 100% sure EvO members don't use cheats. We can't blame the members for voting YES for a nice guy that cheats on COD4. But because accusing a EvO member is a serious offence, this shall not happen in public. If you think a EvO member uses cheats on our COD4 server, or you know his history and you have seen him cheat before he became EvO, please notify McNisjet or a High rank EvO member and tell them everything you know, optionally providing records or other evidence as proof. Concerning the *: these players are selected very carefully for their skills and experience. Any accusation of cheating against them is considered to be a serious insult and results in a warning/tempban from the COD4 server.

2. Violators and Insulters Policy

2.1. Unpolite behaviour
Players on the server that are being unpolite are to be given 1 warning trough console messages before they receive a kick (tempban for 3600 seconds). If they return afterwards and are being unpolite again, they receive a permanent ban. This permanent ban can be made undone when the player contacts one of the admins on the website saying sorry and asking them politely to be unbanned. This request should be forwarded to McNisjet or McKiller who can unban the certain player.

2.2. Using unallowed weaponry or perks
A real noob that doesn't know what he is doing and plays the game for the first time, doesn't listen to warnings and doesn't even know what martyrdom is, shall receive more time and chances to change his class, but players that deliberately not change their class after a few warnings, shall be tempbanned.

2.3. Accusations of EvO members
People that seriously (not making a joke) accuse EvO members of cheating, receive one warning, and if they continue, or accuse again after a while, receive a tempban.

3. Personal Issues

3.1. Issues with a player
Whenever an admin has personal issues with a certain player on the server, he shall no longer undertake any actions towards that player. The player shall be handled by another admin, according to the procedures above.

3.2. Issues with another admin
Whenever an admin has issues concerning another EvO server admin (concerning his judgements or something else), he shall not create public topics about his issues, but he shall contact McNisjet or Chris and explain all his thoughts to him. McNisjet or Chris will than contact the other admin personally without naming the person that came with the complaints, and hear out his side of the story. If then further measures are required, these will be announced in the Evolution forum.

4. Other issues, facts and problems

4.1. Admins with Game Control Panel access
Game server admins that have the Game Control Panel access shall only use the available tools (changing the map-rotation, restarting the server etc.) after talking with McNisjet about this. McNisjet is available by phone, msn or PM. For emergent problems such as the server getting stuck, you can also contact McKiller when McNisjet is not available.

4.2. Admins using RCON max or another RCON client
Tools that are available in RCON max but that you are NOT allowed to use are:
• Changing the maprotation;
• Changing the server name;
• Changing the server messages;
• Other administrative tools that are not available trough normal console use.

Only McNisjet and McKiller are allowed to use these commands.

4.3. Console abuse
Do not abuse console in any way. Do not use console for personal messages. Do not change server settings without permission from team leader.

4.4. Other problems?
Always contact a superior (McNisjet,McKiller,Chris Team Leader or Global Moderator) if you have any problems that you are not sure about how to handle them. They are glad to help you out. Wrong decisions you made without talking to one of them first, are much worse than when you have discussed them with a Global Moderator for example.

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