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Post  nisjet on 5/2/2009, 17:21

Hi,I decided we should use a teamspeak.

So i'm going to explain how to do that.

1- Download TS: [Click here]
2- Install it and open it
3- Click on connection menu, and click connect
4- Then click right mouse on the blank box in the left, and choose add server
5- Than on the right complete the fields with this information:
Label: EvOlUtIoN Clan
Server adress:
Click anonymous and then click connect on the bottom.
PS: No login or password needed

Now you're on teamspeak.
Then double click on Evolution Team Channel, and enter the password "evot".

If channel was not created, you should create it.

How to create a channel:

1- Click right mouse on Lobby channel and choose Create Channel
2- Then complete the fields with this info:
Topic: Not needed
Password: Always "evot"
Codec (very important!): Speex 25.9 Kbit
Description: Not needed
Max users: depends (20)

Then click create.

Now we have the channel created, and other people with the password can join the channel.

Voice activation or Push to talk?
Voice activation is an predefined option on ts, you talk and it sends to teamspeak your voice automatically. Can create some feedback for the people that uses speakers, so it's not recommended.
Push to talk (recommended): It only send your voice to others when you hit a key.

How to choose it?
Voice activation is default, so you don't need an explanation :-\

Push to talk:

1- Click on Settings Menu, then Sound Input/Output Settings.
2- Click on push to talk, then click set.
3- Hit the key you want to talk on the keyboard (insert recommended)
4- Then click close

Now, when you want to talk just make the finger on the key, and release when you stop talking.

Hope you like and use it.

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