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[APROVED]Nazar/Narc joining Empty [APROVED]Nazar/Narc joining

Post  Narc on 20/3/2009, 11:38

Reason for applying:
Why do you want to join the EvO team?

Play on the server alot,and i want to join good clan like EvO, members are fun/friendly

Game experience:
For how long have you been playing the CoD4?

Couple of weeks Razz

Game time per day:
How much time do you spend on this game each day?

something like 2-5 hours a day

Gaming with EvO:
For how long have you been playing with the EvO team?

couple of weeks Razz

Clan experience:
Do you have any experience in playing in professional clans or clanwars? If yes, please post the tag and names of these clans and your original player name. (optional: website address of clan, without commercializing)?

Not any CoD 4 clans, but some experience with other games like CS and utk4, leader of KF (Killing Floor, mod for utk4) clan called Z.E.D.

Are you willing to be at trainings and clan wars when you are notified >2 weeks earlier, and willing to reserve time for these trainings and clan wars so you don’t have to be absent?

yes, i will give my best

Xfire account (if you have one):Nazarazak

Nick/ingame name: Narc

Real Name:Nazar Razak


Country: UK


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web site members

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