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Post  arnyg3 on 3/7/2009, 03:54

Reason for applying:
Why do you want to join the EvO team?

First of all i have friends in evo and im not any clan member

Game experience:
For how long have you been playing the CoD4?

About 7 or 8 months

Game time per day:
How much time do you spend on this game each day?

3 to 4 hours

Gaming with EvO:
For how long have you been playing with the EvO team?

i havent played too much

Clan experience:
Do you have any experience in playing in professional clans or clanwars? If yes, please post the tag and names of these clans and your original player name.

i think yes couse i have played in my city

Are you willing to be at trainings and clan wars when you are notified >2 weeks earlier, and willing to reserve time for these trainings and clan wars so you don’t have to be absent?

but of course

Xfire account (if you have one):


Nick/ingame name:

SmoKinG a.k.a AmaZing
Real Name:





Kosova (Albania)


Prishtina born in(Tirana)

Leave a message:
If you like, leave a message here.

So pls make me a member of evolution clan and dont forget SmoKinG KillZ

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