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Evolution Clan - Terms of ServiceWebsite Rules and general code of conduct* The use of foul language will not be tolerated at any time with the exception of content in the advertised adult content thread forums, offenders will be warned, persistant offenders will be placed on one of three Admin control levels:** Strike1: Access preventing ability to post content on ALL site forums (Time imposed 24hrs - 1 day)** Strike2: To be executed on individuals re-offending after a Strike1 situation, preventing total access from forums and limited access to other site features (Time imposed 168hrs - 7days)** Strike3: To be enforced on individuals re-offending after a Strike2 situation, Banning the member completely from web site and forum access, all additional site features revoked and if a clan member removal from the clan. (Time Imposed - Permanant)* Misuse of the Site features such as forums and shoutbox will not be tolerated, including forum spamming and creating flamed content with the primary intention of provoking other site users and or clan members, any of the above will result in the 3 Strike system to be implemented.* This site and its content are monitored by several systems that check for illegal access, any attempts to deface this site or gain entry to parts of the site not intended for unapproved access will be logged and where required information will be passed to the relevant ISP and or governing body for further actions to be taken.* We cannot cover every possible scenario, and ask that users of the website comply with these guidelines. If you have any questions not covered in this document feel free to address a member of Generals via our forums, these members can be located via the key provided in the footer of the forums, or via our squad roster.Evolution Clan Generals and Colonels reserve the right to amend these rules without prior notice including banning access to the web site and forums.===================================================Team Speake Server rules and general code of conduct* Language, we all swear from time to time, and to a certain extent this will be tollerated however continous unnecessary will not be tolerated, offenders will be warned if it continues then the person will be removed from the server by means of a kick by one of the server admins.Should the person return and re-offend they will be banished from TS for 24hrs, should that person return from a 24hr ban and continue to offend then they will be permanantly banned from the TS server, if they happen to be a clan member they will also be removed from the clan.* Provocation and directed insults are not allowed. Offenders will be warned, and if the user continues to offend they will be removed from the server by means of a kick by one of the server admins.* Evolution Clan welcomes all players on our server to connect to and use our TS server. Use of our TS when not in our server by public members will not be tolerated, doing so will result in direct removal from TS by means of a kick.* We cannot cover every possible scenario, and ask that users of our TS Server comply with these guidelines, any questions relating to issues not covered here please feel to contact a member of General via our website, these members can be located via the key provided in the footer of the forums, or via our squad roster.Evolution Clan Generals reserve the right to amend these rules without prior notice including banning access to TS.========================================================Server Rules* Evolution Clan operates a Ping monitoring tool that checks for players with unusual ping speeds, to avoid being removed from our servers please ensure that your ping is kept to no higher than 180, players averaging this or higher will be automatically removed from the server, to avoid high pings please pay particular attention to pause or close down any download managers, msn messenger or any other bandwidth using applications prior to launching and joining game.* Players caught Cheating, Glitching, Bunny Hopping will be banned from the server, warnings are provided during automated messages if you see a player on our server performing any of these actions please make a member of Evolution Clan aware of the situation. All of our players will be wearing Clan tags.* Evolution Clan operate zero tollerance towards Baseraping, players found doing so will be warned, continutation of such actions will result in the player being kicked from the server, should they re-join the server and continue to baserape they will be banned from the server permanantly.** Guideline for Baseraping classification, killing opposing team players in thier uncap, placing demo packs and apm's in the uncap with intention of killing opposing players, players may ONLY enter the opposing upcap to destroy Strategic points such as radar, emp strike, etc..* Bad Language is not accepted in our server both in Global talk and also squad / team talk, players continually offending will be kicked from the server, returning players who continue to re-offend will be banned from the server permanantly.* Commanders Command its as simple as that, they do not drive tanks or fly jets, commanders found doing so will be kicked from the server, returning and re-offending will result in a permanant ban.* Activly causing trouble or questioning an admins judgement, or actively baiting other players in to flamed discussion is not tollerated and will result in a warn / kick situation, the best option would be to remain neutral that way you will get to remain in the server.* We cannot cover every possible scenario, and ask that players in our server comply with these guidelines, any questions relating to issues not covered in here please fee free to address with a member of General or Colonel via our website, these members can be located via the key provided in the footer of the forums, or via our squad roster.Evolution Clan General and Officer members reserve the right to ammend these guidelines from time to time without having give prior notice.Evolution Clan exists as a place of fun, lets keep our server that way shall we !========================================================== Squad Rules and Code of Conduct* All members need to be avaliable to attend regular training sessions a majority of the time, failure to comply with this requirement will result in warning and potential removal from the team.* Probationary members must wear the <*evo*> tags during their probation period, they can only change them after being given instruction to do so by a member of Generals or Colonels.* Running the servers and website costs money, we request all of our members to try to contribute towards the running costs.The monies recieved are not used for financial gain but to ensure that our site and games servers are here for the clan and its regular public players to enjoy and use.* The minimum age limit to join our team is 16, members found to be lying about their age will be removed from the clan with no discussion.* All members are required to download and use, MSN Messenger and Team Speake. These are vital features to our squad communications and without these membership is not granted to the clan.* Use of our internal vWAR system a tool used to monitor member avaliability is crucial to the team, failure to use this will result in a warning, 3 warnings and you will be removed from the team. This includes signing on or off of training and clan matches.** Not signing up for a match or training session, but turning up to the match does NOT guarantee a place within the playing team. Players turning up without having signed up will be treated as reserve players should another member suffer connection difficulty.** Signing up for a match and not turning up on the night without a very good reason is not excusable, offenders will be issued with a warning, 3 of these warnings will result in removal from the team.* While a member of you are not allowed to play for another clan, unless that clan is playing a completely different game type and does not have a team in any of the games we as a clan participate in.* Members must use the website and take part in forum discussions relating to the clans and are also encouraged to take part in more friendly banter in the public facing forums as it shows the public members that we are an active team on and off of the battlefield.* Any member caught using game hax, game exploits or cheating in general will be removed instantly from the team and their play GUID submitted to the Punkbusted Master Ban List.* members playing in other servers are expected to uphold our principals and respect the rules issued with the environment they are gaming in. You are embasadors for Evolution Clan when you play in other servers with our tags on and we do not expect our good name to become tarnished. Offending members unable to jusfity any such actions will be removed from the clan with no warning.* Evolution Clan General reserve the right to amend these rules without prior notice including the ability to remove a member from the team without due cause.